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What kind of peel is good for you?

What kind of peel is good for you?

Let’s look at what each chemical does for peeling and decide what you the client need. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) were the first acids used for peels. They are from fruits and these fruits are (malic) apples, glycolic which is sugarcane, tartaric (grapes), citric (citrus), mandelic (almonds), lactic (milk) and phytic (rice) acids. I bet you didn’t know that chemical peels contained natural fruits and things in our ordinary life.

Glycolic acids are the most commonly used AHA, Lactic acid is gentle and hydrating, lactic acid forms to skins natural moisturizing and works well. This is good to combine to other peeling agents for moisturizing effect. The perfection peel of mommas has lactic acid, salicylic, resorcinol, vitc, and peptides as well as apple stem cells to decrease aging, decrease pigmentation, and decrease acne.

Beta acids which are salicylic acids from willow tree bark, wintergreen oil, and sweet birch. They help dissolve sebum which make them effective for acne. B-lipohydroxy is newer. The acne peel has these acids as well as a blend of glycolic and salicylic acid with bearberry, vit c, greentea, meadowsweet, comfrey, and chamomile for decreasing inflammmation.

Salicylics have a mild effect with less stinging than AHAS. SA shows a frosting look while glycolic is clear and colorless.

Trichloroacetic acid is produced from acetic acid and chlorine. Resurfacing is superficial to deep, mommas TCA peel has has 12% tca, 2% salicylic acid, and 1% retinol, for vitamin A collagen synthesis. This peel is deep and is for advanced aging or sun damage, as well as acne scarring.

The ormedic peel has a blend of 15% fruits, pumpkin pulp, for exfoliation, licorice for lightening, hyaluronic acid for hydration, Japanese green tea as antioxidant, and mango for aromatherapy, with aloe vera for a organic peel for preganant, teens, or unbalanced skin clients.

The signature peel has a 30% blend of vitamin c, for antioxidant, fruit enzyme to exfoliate, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and berries, for lightening, vit c, comfey, meadowsweet, and chamomile for ant inflammation.

Momma will review your skin needs on face, hands, and neck and will make  recommendations.