Meet your board certified nurse practitioner and m.d.

We are committed to giving you the best care for your self and your family by using the latest evidenced based medicine in our practice! We want you to feel great on the inside and out! We have a family nurse practitioner who is not only here for your whole health and well-being needs for your inside but she can provide you with improved appearances on the outside as well. She is board certified in family medicine and in injectables such as botox and fillers for decreasing aging lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. She will give you a free 15 minute consult for your health starting from inside to out! Let her help improve a better you for you and your family!

Mobile Momma is a board certified Family nurse practitioner with a dual degree in FNP, Physician assistant as well and holds a masters degree in nursing, prior to that she was a registered nurse for 12 years in intensive care, ortho trauma, recovery room . She owned a surgical assist company as well and worked in evening and nights with surgical trauma surgeon for 9 years as well. She has surgical experience from 2004- 2013 and when her surgeon decided to retire to Idaho , she retired and opened Mobile Momma for working women and men and women on the go. She opened a place where women can bring their children in a waiting room that is child friendly. She will go to you by appointment if you are too busy to come to her as well within a 15 mile radius. She has AAFE certifications in injections and fillers of botox and juvederm,Voluma,Volbella, and Kybella. She has certification in PDO non surgical skin lift . She goes the extra mile to make sure she uses skin regimine with her injection technique. She has a degree in family medicine and can treat weight management problems as well. She has over 22,000 hours of surgery experience and treatment of patients, not including her years as a nurse with hands on bedside treatment for twelve years prior to her surgical experience. She ran a spine clinic independently for surgeon as well and has 12 years of experience with own practice prior to opening here.



        B.J. Brockington, f.n.p.-c/p.a./m.s.n.


BJ headshotB.J. Brockington is a family nurse practitioner as well as physician assistant with board certification as FNP-C,M.S.N. She graduated with honors from U.C. Davis and has a masters from Sacramento State University. She was a R.N. for twenty years working with orthopedic, medical surgical patients, intensive care heart patients, and recovery room patients prior to becoming a FNP-C,P.A./M.S.N. She then worked with SRS with a prominent spine surgeon assisting in surgical cases for 8 years as well as running a clinic for her M.D.

 Following her passion for aesthetics and wellness, B.J. is now AAFA certified for botox and filler injections and has a degree in family medicine and can treat family medicine problems as well. B.J. would like to assist patients with outer and inner beauty techniques that allow their inner and outer strengths to shine!