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Hydrofacial or peel: We have a new medical grade facial with our hydrofacial machine with 5 % glycolic and added intensity if needed ,however this hydrofacial is perfect for events and has a wand that extracts and keeps pores tight, we steam your pores to open and cleanse with our “magic” wands to deep cleanse your skin and apply a light exfoliation of glycolic acid to exfoliate,this magic wand hydrates while exfoliating and is able to instill the products a little deeper than just your hands.  we can add a lift or peel product to treatment if needed ,depending on your needs. No down time and perfect for a party or event!

Image Signature Facial – 45 minutes
Try our Vitamin C combination facial with a resurfacing masque, retinol enhancer, hyaluronic enhancer, hydrating enzyme mask with Kojic and Vitamin C enhancer with hydrating eye recovery gel with hydrating moisture SPF 30 and lip tx.

Ormedic – Organic Facial – – 45 minutes Try our organic Paba free facial for pregnant, breastfeeding moms or for woman who want an organic treatment consisting of total hydrating masque with balancing gel masque, 25% antioxidant enhancer, 25% hyaluronic enhancer with antioxidant serum  and bio peptide cream. This is perfect for people who want to limit chemicals

Teen Facial – – 45 minutes
A facial for your teen with 45 minutes of cleansing, a resurfacing masque, and a special wand to extract and keep pores small and skin tight.

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