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Say goodbye to poor health and hello to Momma! Momma will give you a consult for good health and wellness . We use mental strengthening with changes in Diet, exercise,and health ideas. We use treatments such as ultherapy ,endermology, facials, peels ,microdermabrasion, scrubs, injectables for wrinkles and deep lines called botox and juvederm as well as cellulite treatments to improve the outside image that you the person inside sees! We help remove dead skin cells, we like to call our peels lifts because we lift the dead skin and tighten skin, we help re stimulate the skin to turn over those cells quicker with anti aging serums and stem cell treatments for skin! By taking a combination approach for inner changes as well as outside changes we hope to improve each client individually ! Momma wants you to be the best you can be for you the person inside!
  • Belotero

    Belotero is a injection to temporarily reduce smile lines around mouth

  • Ulthera is a non surgical face lifting ,tightening,and reduction of wrinkle treatment

  • Radiesse for cheeks and nasolabial lines

    Try a smooth gel filled with tiny calcium hydroxylapatite treatment to add volume and correction while it stimulates your body to produce its own collagen.  It has lidocain inside to decrease the pain while injecting and results are immediate upon…

  • Fat burner,b12, complete injections

    Need a boost of energy? Try our fat burner,mic,b 12, complete injections for increased fat breakup and accelerated fat burning , we also have Tamara a nutritionist and exercise expert to facilitate your weight decrease and boost your confidence in…

  • voluma for face lifting experience without surgery

    voluma for face lifting experience without surgery

    If you have flattening of cheeks and the appearance of bags and worsening nasolabial folds; you may be candidate for VOLUMA which helps increase volume and has architecture to lift so it’s appearance is similar to a facelift without surgery!…

  • Health Management

    Health Management

    Momma is a board certified family nurse practitioner who will treat you for diet, nutrition, weight loss, and health management problems. Ask for a FREE 15 minute consult. We not only provide esthetic procedures but offer medical management for you…

  • Weight Management

    Weight Management

    Need help with a plan for weight loss, prescription, b12, vitamin recommendations? Let Momma help you and she will see you once a month for a 45 minute power walk listening to your concerns while we walk helping you to…

  • Fillers


    We use Juvederm with lidocaine as well as facial numbing medication to help decrease sensation of pain during the procedures for improved comfort for clients. Fillers decrease lines around the mouth and can make lips plumper. Have a date for…

  • Botox


    Momma is fully accredited with AAFE for Botox injections and is a board certified FNP-C. Botox is helpful in decreasing wrinkles between eyes, crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines.

  • Cellulite Treatment

    Cellulite Treatment

    Experience a 45 minute machine assisted lifting and tightening treatment of sagging skin and cellulite areas of abdomen, arms, legs, backside, inner and outer thighs with a take home treatment of cellulite cream if you wish to purchase for home…