Skin Peels, Celluite, Botox & Other Wellness Treatment Specials

Special offers for Skin Peels, Celluite, Botox & Other Wellness Treatments

VOLUMA special is 895 per 1cc.00 for first treatment of cheek areas, if second syringe needed same day will treat for 800.00, our prices are very competitive as compared to this area and our injector is certified in injection of Voluma from Allergan as well as AAFE certified in botox and filler injection. Voluma lasts two years, helps decrease bags under eyes, helps lift the back of cheek area, gives a youthful glow, helps decreases fine lines around eyes for appearance of a mini facelift without the surgery! Come in and take a look at our pictures of pre and post clients and you will be amazed. It also can be used in lower jawls area to help mini lift back the jawls and get out those unsightly lines!

Endermologie treatment of areas of skin sagging and cellulite for 89.00 a treatment and if purchasing a package of 4 will be 319.00. This wellbox treatment has potential to help chronic pain and fatigue in bodily areas, it promotes bood flow and improved circulation while ridding body of toxins in area of treatment. It increases endorphins and some studies show that it may help with chronic pain in fibromyalgia patients.

BOTOX special of the month is 179.00 per first area or 10.00 a unit for botox , whichever ones cost is less for client. Receive a consult and if you need 20 units and it would cost you 20 x 10 ,equaling 200.00, you pay only 179.00. If you need 12 units , 12 x 10.00 , you would only pay 120.00 for those units. Have a party with three girls and get free drinks and food with 9$ a unit botox and 69.00 facials or peels, b12 and fat burner injections for 20$.

Juvederm special is 250.00 for first 1/2 cc and 225.00 for second half of face filler. Try our face filler to decrease lines around nasolabial folds, it lasts one year and it can be used for lines around the mouth as well.

LIPS, Get your race face on for del mar race season and get fuller or natural lips with decrease in lip lines around mouth for half cc for 290.00 and one syringe for 470.0……..  add a lip treatment and mini facial or peel for 69.00 , your choice!

Peel special this month is 89.00 for a peel of your choice, see our menu, but a mild, with no downtime, medium or deep with 2-3 days of precautions. These peels will do a deep exfoliation and clearance of dead skin cells , minimizing the appearance of fine lines, tightening pores, and lightening spots, and brightening your complexion.

B12 injections 20.00 and b12 with fat burner and 20 amino acids for 30.00 this month, if you buy a package , you can buy 4 for 79.00. Fat burner,mvi,b12, injections 35.00

Exilis : lower face 575.00

upper face 475.00

Exilis: both arm 950.00 for two sessions each

abdomen 500-750 depending on size per treatment

neck 750.00

Exilis: Inner and outer thighs  950.00 for both for two sessions each